Poetics of Passage

 Dragon blood, earth, pigments, stone. The intrinsic connection of Tamia Dellinger’s work to her roots is unmistakable. Coming from Madeira, she is compelled to her materials and forms in a very direct way. Coming from an island is certainly the foundation of her perception of globalization, the "here and now" and belonging. Her pieces from her graduate collectionPoetics of Passagedo have a sculptural quality and act -as a collection- as a kind of notebook on her striving to evoke a longing for getting out of the urban environment, to dig into warm reddish-brown earth besides long walking trails through a hilly and sunny landscape. This cannot be described in words, however, an impression might already be graspable, latest at touching and wearing these jewels.

 When worn, Dellinger’s works have a size and weight that elevates them above mere decoration, thus presenting their reasons for being. They become guiding landmarks on the body, with an almost ritual character by which wearers define their personal spaces, striding proudly through the world or, if necessary, clinging to them in search of shelter, solitude, and contemplation. / Theo Smeets